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Election Predictions

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Nov. 2nd, 2009 | 10:24 pm

I have a degree in political science so I am definitely allowed to do this every single election:

NJ Governor: Corazine- New Jersey always flirts with electing Republicans and never does. Corazine is very unpopular, but Christie doesn't offer a compelling alternative. Unless the independent manages to strip away more votes from Corazine, this one is staying put. Corazine-49 Christie-47 Daggett-4
VA Governor: McConnell will make this a takeover for the Republicans. Deeds is facing a serious scandal. Virginia is still more conservative than average despite November's election results. McConnell-58 Deeds-41
NY 23: Hoffman probably takes this district. It's a large rural district with a lot of conservatives; Owens hasn't polled above 40%, so unless a lot more people vote for the official Republican candidate, Scozzafava, than claim, Owens isn't going to break the Republican stranglehold on this district of over 100 years. H-54 O-42 S-4
WA 71: Referendum 71 will be approved. It's polling 10 points up and momentum is in its favor. 53-47
ME Q1: Maine votes down gay marriage in a close vote. Old people vote more in off year elections. 52-48.

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