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Fighting and Making it through, faking it if I have to.

...But the lows are so extreme that the good feels fuckin' cheap

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Biographies always strike me as forced, like someone can really tell what you are like by reading something about you that you write just to project how you want others to perceive you (See he's doing it right here!) Well, I just give the important facts.

1. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, which I discovered may be the reason my mouth is unable to form the word "bag."

2. I'm now in Portland, not the horrible, awful south.

3. My new job is kind of boring.

4. I suppose that I have some sort of problem with food as I eat enirely too much or not nearly enough depending on the day/seaon/year. Maybe that just shows I was meant to be an American.

5. Reading is probably the most important thing to me. It's like prayer, only useful.

6. I don't like the Beatles and suppose that I am the only one. But honestly, their music sucks. They have *maybe* four songs that wouldn't make a sane person want to puncture their own eardrums.

7. I think that I am the opposite of a fag hag, whatever the term for that might be.

8. I have a secret thing for Teachers. And Jews. And Jewish Teachers....I have a problem.

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